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" Thinking to start building your real estate website or landing page? Please read on if you want your website and landing page sustainable in the long run. "

I'm from IT background with years of experience working with website, data and coding. From hanging out with IT geeks to real estate negotiator. From the topic of fixing bugs, programming language, latest technology & gadgets to the topic of sales techniques, marketing and negotiation. 

This post is not about bragging the different between the 2 industry but what I noticed is that many real estate agent in Malaysia is struggling to even have a website of their own. If they do, they are spending hundreds and thousands of getting one due to fear of missing out (FOMO) or doing it for temporary gain.

Although most agents rely on their leads from property portal, referrals and repeat business. It’s important to utilize a website to establish name recognition for brand awareness. 

Let's face it, the Internet has become an important tool in the home search process. As a real estate agent, you at least need to be present online be it in social media or the internet. Those who do not have a website or listing website may be missing out or prepare to pay more for increasing advertisement cost in long run.

You are your business, and to put your business at the top.

In the long run, the marketing and advertising agent’s own brand will result in more business.

It is understood that priority task for real estate negotiator is to work on marketing, get leads and close deal. Their time is precious and limited. They do what they do best, networking, marketing, viewing, negotiation and closing. 

They have no time to go deep into technical and learning. That's why they look for the fastest way out:-


Paying hundred or thousand of ringgit to a web designer to create a website which used as an online name card.


Spend thousands to attend paid course/seminar with the promised result to get you leads but giving up when stuck. End up back to square one.


Sign up for website builder platform to develop website within minutes. Stuck with the template,frustrated with limited call to action features, ask to pay more for extra features.


Use the free domain name and website provided by property portal with an unattractive and outdated design. 

Last but not least, does this sounds familiar to you?

Your website goes live and you start to wonder “WHY IS NOBODY COMING TO MY SITE?”

Answer: Because no one knows your site exist.

Many times I have seen real estate negotiator will start their first website with domain name of their GTA (Geographical Targeted Area), condominium name, project name and etc.


Do you know?

There are about 200 ranking factors in Google’s algorithm, and domain name is only one of them; thus it has very little to no effect with the site’s SEO (ranking in Google Search). 

You spend your hard earn money, working day and night to create your ultimate website or landing page that generate leads. You told yourself all the effort is well worth if you successfully close one deal and earn back all the money and efforts you spend on it.

But have you in a seconds thought of, how many times you will have to repeat the process again and again? What if you don't close any deal, what is there you can leverage on? Is it scale-able or even sustainable in the long run?

There is a missing link here and I thought of sharing this out.

What if I tell you, you can have a master plan to create your OWN digital ecosystem branding you, scale-able and sustainable for the long run. 

What do I mean by that?

First thing first, you need to have your own personal brand website to move your visitors into your OWN digital ecosystem to continue conversation.

It's About Your ONLINE Purpose

Move YOUR VISITOR into your OWN listing and OWN pages to continue nurturing and build conversation.

Your ultimate goals online is about being able to move people into your OWN conversion/sales/lead funnels…Even they are not actively keen to own a house now, doesn’t mean they will never buy from you in future!


Start off With a Personal Branding Website

You need a domain name with your name for your OWN personal branding website. Here's the list of things you can do for your Personal Branding Website.

  • Tell your visitor what are you about? 
  • What value you can offer and deliver? 
  • Your Stories.
  • Your Testimonial.
  • Share your knowledge with others through blog. It will connect you with people. 
  • Add call to action (telephone, whatsapp, contact form).

My Personal Branding Website.

Make your personal branding name rank 1st in Google. The traffic should be yours not property portal.

Benefit 1 - Professional

If you have your personal brand website. It makes you more professional and different from other agents. Also, it will increase your client’s trust on you. It is like cherry on the cake.

You can place your personal branding website not just online but offline. (Eg: Namecard, Flyers, Brochure, Mail and Postcard).

Benefit 2 - Share Your Testimonial

Testimonial is powerful tools to give confidence to the owner and buyer, where are you going to put all of them in one place? Facebook? Youtube? Twitter? instagram? You can easily put them in your OWN personal branding website to increase client's trust on you.

Benefit 3 - Move Traffic to Website you OWN

You can write a post in Facebook or create a video in Youtube but the traffics still belongs to Facebook and Youtube.

Since you have already done both, why not MOVE your audience back to your OWN branding website. You are more in control, here's the things you can do.

  • You can analysis and study your visitors demographic (use Google Analytics). 
  • You can create mini landing page blog post to get leads.
  • You can build your customer database for email marketing.
  • You can transcript your Youtube video into a blog post. 
  • You can use facebook ads to retarget them, place facebook pixel code into your website. 
  • And many more ... 

Why not leverage the traffic you already have?


Facebook sample

Place it in Property Portal.



If you are in subsales market, get a new domain name and a listing website to post all your listing there.

My Listing Website.

Benefit 1 - Evergreen Listing

You are paying to post 1 listing in property portal for 90 days. If your listing sold and expired, nothing is going to happened, your listing just won't show up and stop there.

If you post at your OWN listing website, the listing can be there forever.

You can also tag the listing as sold (even it is not close by you) and if you do it right (SEO), it will get crawl by the search engine, buyer or seller will visit your website to see your other listing or give you listing.

You increase chances of seller or buyer to come to you.

Benefit 2 - Create a Team Ecosystem

Build a team ecosystem, if you have a team or plan to have one. You will start recruiting people under you.

Your team member can utilize the listing website which is one-time setup and free to use by them.

Your team member can start enjoying the same in benefit 1.

Imagine if each of your members starts posting in your listing website, you are building a mini property portal within your team.

A team ecosystem makes co-broking easier among your team and traffic can flow within your OWN listing website. 

Information is all in one place, each of them will know who has what stock, centralized, straight forward and search engine searchable.

Benefit 3 - Create Backlink Back to Your OWN Listing Website.

Backlink is good for search engine optimization. If each of team member starts creating their OWN personal branding page.

All your team member can start to link with each other, creating backlink for search engine optimization. Traffic will flow back and forth among your team.

Benefit 4 - Analysis and Optimize

You are more in control, it help you to analyse and optimize each listing, here's the things you can do.

  • You can analysis and study your visitors demographic in each individual listing.  (use Google Analytics)
  • You can optimize your listing post with high traffic.
  • You can create new launch project opt-in form, banner on side bar to generate leads.
  • You can use facebook ads to retarget them in the area or condominium there are looking for, place facebook pixel code into the particular post. 
  • And many more ... 



Lead Generation Landing Pages. This is what those expert online marketers is talking about. You may have visited some of those landing page before.

A landing page have fewer links or no links at all to avoid distractions. Which is why expert marketers doing paid advertising always use a dedicated standalone landing page as the destination of their ad traffic. The main focused objective – known as a Call to Action (CTA).


What is a landing page?

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” when they have clicked on a Google AdWords ad, Facebook Ads or similar.

A good copywriter makes a good landing page. Visitor are impatience, you need to tell them what they need to know and right away.

You have to communicate your value, get the visitor to keep reading and get them to act. And you have to do it all on a single page.

Before I go further, please stop buying every single domain name of new launch project, condominium name, area and etc. 

Get only 1 domain name specific for landing page purposes and put your keywords (new launch project, condominium name, area and etc) in the URL path to create separate landing page for each project and GTA area. Below is the explanation video from SEO guru - Neil Patel.

Benefit 1 - Replace Facebook Lead Form

Facebook Lead Form make things easier for visitors to fill out form. That's why it charge higher, because they have done all the work for you. Submitting personal information is as easy as “tap, tap, done”. Facebook wants their user to stay in their platform, they want full control of their information.

Benefit 2 - Higher Quality Leads

A landing page focused on conversion. Usually use in paid advertising. With a landing page, you can move your ad traffic into your OWN page so that that you are in control.

You have endless restriction to convince a user to sign up with carefully crafted copy writing, videos and well-thought-out form fields. User will take some effort on their part to complete giving you their personal information. 

By doing this, you are getting higher quality leads that save you cost and time.

Benefit 3 - Use It Anywhere

You can use your landing page anywhere. Be it in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Whastapp Message, SMS Blasting and etc. Create one and for all.


But hey, don’t panic yourself. 

None of this is rocket science, start with an end in mind. If your objective is to create a website, which used as an online name card or for temporary gain, you can continue what you already comfortable with.

But if you're looking to create your OWN digital ecosystem with your OWN personal branding and sustainable in long run, you need a master plan. Sure, it does take some time and a bit of hard work to make it work, but it’s worth every bit of your precious time.

Hopefully I have been able to share some valuable thoughts and advice for you before you start creating your website or landing page.

Please share this out if you think this is useful and others will gain benefit from it.

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