My Journey to Become a
Registered Real Estate Agent

Never stop learning and a drive for more knowledge within an industry can make or break a career, and real estate is no different. Today is the day all graduate of INSPEN Certificate of Estate Agent for Cohort 6 were invited to attend photo sessions for INSPEN Magazine. Would like to take this opportunities to share a bit about Certificate of Estate Agent (CEA) offer by INSPEN. There are different between a Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Negotiator.

Real estate agent (REA)
A REA can own and operate his/her own real estate agency and can employ up to 30 real estate negotiators to assist with the provision of real estate services. These include selling, leasing or searching (buying) a property for clients.

Real estate negotiator (REN)
A REN is employed by a registered estate agent. Since they do not manage the business themselves, they are not required to obtain a registration under BOVAEAP. However, these individuals must attain the necessary certification before they are allowed to practise. Every REN must attend a full 2 days course, called the Negotiator’s Certification Course, in which they will be taught the basics of estate agency as well as the related laws, Acts and standards pertaining to the industry.

In order for an REN or anyone else to become an REA, he or she must obtain the BOVAEAP Diploma in Estate Agency or any other diploma or degree by other higher institutions or Certificate of Estate Agent accredited by BOVAEAP.

For myself, I am taking part time course from INSPEN for 14 months  to complete the studies and 6 months of industrial training, classes were conducted every Saturday from 9am-6pm. Generally, it takes about two years (3 Semester including Industrial Training) to obtain the Certificate of Estate Agent from INSPEN. After obtaining the certificate, candidates are required to undergo two years of practical training under the supervision of an REA and submit their work log to BOVAEAP. Upon the completion of the practical training, the probationary REA must then attend an oral interview conducted by BOVAEAP. Basically, it takes an average duration of 5 years for one to obtain the licence.

So to speak, getting this certificate of estate agent is just the beginning of everything. The below pictures best illustrate the journey to become a registered real estate agent. A real estate agent plays a vital role in advising clients on matters pertaining to property investment, real property gains tax, charges and payments, property-related laws and regulations, the rights and covenants of clients, and helping clients to make a sound decision in their property purchase. As such, with the knowledge I gain from this course it equipped with property-related fundamental knowledge to better serve my clients.

If you are reading this and would like to learn more about studying in INSPEN to get your Certificate of Estate Agent, please feel free to comment below and I will reply to you with what I know.

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