My Purpose

Helping Real Estate Negotiators and Agents Live Better with Generating Leads Online

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The Story

" Thinking to build your real estate website or landing page for residential project? Please read on if you want your website and landing page sustainable in the long run. "

Although most agents rely on their leads from property portal, referrals, and repeat business. It’s important to utilize a website to generate consistent genuine leads to your business. 

The Internet has become an important tool in the home search process. As a real estate negotiator or agent, you at least need to be present online, be it in social media or the internet. Those who do not have a website or landing page may miss out or prepare to pay more for increasing advertisement cost in the long run.

It is understood that priority task for real estate negotiator is to work on marketing, get leads, and close deal. Their time is precious and limited. They do what they do best, networking, marketing, viewing, negotiation and closing. 

In the long run, by marketing and advertising ONLINE will result in more business.

The Problem

Property agent has no time to go deep into technical and learning. That's why they look for the fastest way out:-

Paying hundred or thousand of dollar to a web designer to create a website which used as an online name card.

Spend thousands to attend paid course/seminar with the promised result to get you leads but giving up when stuck. End up back to square one.

Sign up for website builder platform to develop website within minutes. Stuck with the template, frustrated with limited call to action features, ask to pay more for extra features.

Use the free domain name and website provided by property portal with an unattractive and outdated design. 

The Solution

Use your time on what you do best, follow up and closing. Get someone who had managed over 50 PPC/SEM projects to do the rest for you.

Why Choose Me:


Started off with managing close real estate negotiator to generate genuine leads online via PPC and there's never one project without closing, continuously. I'm blessed with comprehensive knowledge and experiences focus only on SEM/PPC. Feel free to skip me if you’re looking for Facebook marketing, Influencer or Content Management.


Vast experience in data analytics and I can deliver analytics or predictive modeling upon request using Google Data Studio. As part of my effort to live up to the highest standard in the industry, I make it a priority to track all activities to the website or landing page using Google Analytics for better campaign optimization. These data  can be insight to improve your business.


Start off building website as hobby and turn into passion. I have over 15 years experience in building website. For the past few years, I am more focused on building conversion focused website and landing page for property industry.


I have utmost confidence in my work. No contract for new clients to sign any sort of contracts for the first 3 or 6 months. Pay as you go and my goals is to ensure high level of satisfaction towards my work.

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